Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend Recap

OK, here's the weekend recap: Friday night I was volunteering at WFMU, answering phones during Pseu Braun's show. Crispin Glover was there as her special guest, so that was cool. Mark Allen was also there answering phones. Unfortunately, the phones barely rang at all. Sigh. And even though someone actually mentioned me in their comments on one call, I never got to answer a single one. Alas.

Saturday I hung out in the day and got a few things done. Saturday night I went to a party in the East Village with my roommate at someone's apartment that once was a nightclub. It had a giant face on one of the walls. I drank rum & coke and had a nice time. After the party we went to Starlite.

Sunday I discovered that Riverside Park is quite sunny. And that was that. Wow, it sounds so boring. And actually, there were some boring spots in Saturday and Sunday. Oh well. As for the week, I'm hoping to see the Super Colon tomorrow; I'm trying to get this piece written; and I'm expecting this weekend to be productive.

Well, I guess that's the beep for now.

Ed Shepp


Pseu Braun said...

Ed, thanks again for coming down and volunteering to answer the phones at WFMU, you lit up the room as usual! One comment, just to clarify, the phones *were* ringing and the internet pledges were coming in very regularly. Crispin's appearance raised over $5,000 in 3 hours and that's pretty darn good!
See you soon cutie!

Dancewriter said...

Hey there! I noticed in your profile that you like "The Ums." Is that the same "The Ums" from Tallahassee, Florida?

If so, I've jammed with them!

take care,