Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My WFMU Blog Post, Highlighted

Everyone go check out my post on the wfmu blog, gooplets!!! (Click here) But since I know you won't, because you're all hewers and hatrs, I'll give you the highlights here:


I spotted That Guy Who's In Everything over the weekend... I bet I'd be offended if someone addressed me as "that guy who's in everything" and didn't know my name... And who cares what Hugh Laurie is like?! He's not like Gregory House; maybe he's really funny, but lots of people are, and it's not like I'm gonna be hanging out with him at 8:30 two Fridays from now in the East Village and need to be sure whether Thai food is completely out of the question because I heard he's allergic to lemongrass... Aaron Eckhart doesn't live in North America, North America lives on Aaron Eckhart's chin... Pitt's chin is smaller and rounder, more feminine, which makes me wonder whether a woman's preference for Pitt versus Eckhart shifts according to what part of her menstrual cycle she's in... I watched my first episode of Blue's Clues today. Is it me, or does the host, "Steve," look like he's performing "under duress"... I kept thinking there must be someone off camera aiming a gun at him or something... Paula Abdul (I call her Babbadoodle) is the epitome of the deluded, narcissistic, cracked out celebrity that we all thought was only an archetype invented for dramatic films and tabloid magazines... And you get the sense she believes her own crap. I wonder whether she connects a pipe from her ass to her face and masturbates while inhaling her own farts too... I suppose one thing you can say for Babbadoodle is that at least she didn't go into "rehab," which seems to be the thing to do this year, burning through Hollywood faster than double-strength anal bleaching cream...

And that's the beep for now. Go look at the original post, dammit!

Ed Shepp

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Happy 4th of July, gzooplers. Here's my Americana audio nugget for today:

The Star Spamgled Banner, sung by Ed Shepp

And that's today's beep.

Ed Shepp