Monday, March 07, 2005

FAT Actress!

I just saw Fat Actress. That show is funny! I didn't expect it to be so entertaining, cux Kirstey Alley is kind of abrasive, but it's very cool. Notes:

  • Kirstey Alley is FAT. Like mondo extreme choke-on-a-ham-sandwich FAT! I had no idea! We're talking ROTUND! JUPITER fat! Her own zip code FAT! Orbited by moons FAT! She's HUGE! ENORMOUS!
  • Is the show improved? Cux it feels improved. Some of it really works, like when Kirstey Alley thinks she sees someone flirting with her, and she says to the table: Did you see that? And the other girl at the table says, 'Did someone flick you off?' and no one acknowledges the statement. Brillziant.
  • OK for getting almost the whole cast of MAD TV. Maybe a little overkill there. I was finding it hard to believe the show, cux I'm familiar with those actors from MAD TV.
  • John Travolta being on the show? I thought it was over the top. In a bad way. Gratuitous.
  • What's with all these shows about Hollywood/acting/etc. now?! It's like Hollywood is jacking off to a picture of itself. In FA, there's a television exec who plays himself. In Unscripted, there are stars like Uma and John Stamos who do cameos. WTF is going on here?! How many other more shows can there be about Hollywood and acting? Is it the next Law and Order-type thing?
  • The show is beautifully photographed. The colors are vivid and there's a bit of blur there too. It looks great.
  • Kirstey Alley has garish yellow hair. This seems to happen when female stars get success: Black stars get fairer (Queen Latifah, Janet/LaToya Jackson, etc....) and white stars get blonder.

    And those are the notes. Nothing significant to report on the weekend or anything else. And that's the beep for now.

    Ed Shepp


    v.p. said...
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    v.p. said...

    Isn't it fun that improv[is]ed and improved are so close?

    Jase said...

    Didn't see the show, but that picture of you in your signature is HOT! Woof!