Friday, March 11, 2005

Super Colon, Not Mega Colon

it's Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! In the spirit of Colorectal Cancer Awareness, I just found out that this thing called the Super Colon (not to be confused with the Fischerspooner creation--the Megacolon) is coming to town. In the words of the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation, The Super Colon is an Incredible, Inflatable, Interactive colon that teaches people about the risks, sumptoms, prevention, early detection and treatment options for colorectal cancer. It is a 20-foot long, 8-foot high replica of a human colon. As visitors pass through the Super Colon, they see first-hand the differences between healthy tissue, colon diseases and various stages of colorectal cancer. Sounds exciting, huh? My friend Paris thinks it's hot. I was really excited upon hearing about it too, so I emailed a contact about it for info of when it was coming to NYC. When I got the info, my excitement fizzled. From the looks of the brochure about it, the Super Colon will be there on Tuesday, March 15 from 11am to 4pm, at a Health Center that's at 70th St. and York. So I could go, but it wouldn't be easy. And for people farther away from its location, it would be effectively impossible to see the Super Colon. I don't know why they didn't have it on a weekend, or at least in a more central location. Anyway, odds are I won't get to see it, which is a damn shame, cux it looks interesting.

And that's all I can write for now. I'm either having some kind of major allergy attack or coming down with an extremely sneezy cold, so in between constant sneezing and antihistamine-induced drowsiness, I'm good for very little right now. Dammit. So that's my beep.

Ed Shepp

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