Friday, March 25, 2005

Jellybean Bonanza

Lemme give you a hypothetical situation here:

Let's say Gwandzbler Colander works as a contractor (temp) at a big corporation. He also makes sound sculptures and sends them to radio, and he's even been on a noncommercial, edgy station near him, which we'll call WEWS. (And he gets airplay in other cities too, and has CDs on CDBaby.) Let's say that he's at work one day, and puts his picture up, complete with name, in the adjacent cubicle, where Agbarla works. Someone who Agbarla works with comes over and notices Gwandzbler Colander's name; Agbarla says, 'he's sitting right there.' Then the person says to Gwandzbler Colander: Are you the same Gwandzbler Colander who makes little audio vignettes on WEWS? And then in conversation it becomes clear that this person has indeed heard Gwandzbler Colander on the radio, and even remembers the names of some of his soundpieces. Now, the question:

Does this count as being recognized? For Gwanzdbler Colander? Because his name was recognized and remembered? Hmmmmm....

In a different blip, I read an article the other day on sociopaths in Salon. Actually, it was an interview with the author of that book The Sociopath Next Door. In it the author offers this tidbit: if someone lies to you more than twice, they're probably a sociopath. Now, this is not trivial, "You're not fat" kind of lies. We're talking real lies here. (Hmmm, I wonder if that makes George W. Bush a sociopath on a really grand scale..) I think I'd have to agree with the statement, although when I think about it I start to realize that there may be a HELLUVA lot more sociopaths than I once thought. Anyway, about her statement, what say you? Do yallz agree with it? If someone lies to you more than a couple times, are they a sociopath? I think I'm finna have to read this book.

The weekend looks cloudy. Ironic, isn't it, that just as I declare the end of winter blues the sun disappears from the sky?! Hmmph! This damn Northeast weather.. Oh well.

That's the beep for now, goozanlets!

Ed Shepp

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