Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Two Industrial Roboshakys

Two thoughts. One: Theme park rides are the apotheosis of theater. Yes, that's right. I went there. And here's what I mean: When you go to a well-done play, the first thing you notice, before the play actually starts, is the set and how beautiful it looks with the lighting and all. At least that's what I notice, so that must be what everyone notices, right? When I went to Fiddler in that Bway theater, the first thing I thought when I saw all the fake trees and sunset lighting was that I wanted to live there, in that set (as long as it had really good A/C, cux those lights are hot 'n stuff), cux it looked so gorgeous. A really good theme park ride replicates the gorgeous set theme (the best examples, I'd have to say, exist at Epcot Center in Orlando), except that you have the added dimension that you're moving through it, and that it's ever changing. So that is how good theme park rides are concentrated essence of theater. Or maybe the essence of theater sets. No, theater. Yeah. Theater.

Two: I saw the most incredible-looking woman in Duane Reade today. I'd put her at around 80. She was wearing a sheer leopard-print dress that looked more suited to evening (and someone at least 40 years younger) and some kind of heeled shoes that looked more as if they were wearing her than the other way around. Except for what I presume was some fluid collecting around her ankles, she was thin (and slightly hunched over). Probably the most striking thing about her was her hair, a deep, power fuschia with eyebrows penciled on in a matching color. Of course her hair was quite thin with a bald spot in the back, but you expect that for someone her age. I looked at her and thought, 'How come I don't know anyone like that?!' I wondered how I could meet people like that--I've never seen any on friendster or myspace or anything like that. I've never encountered a blogger that was so impressive. I've really got to meet people like that---I bet that woman is great at parties or just conversation. It would be so cool to know people like that. So if anyone out there knows any, send a note my way, because I wants to meet them! ...Oh, I guess you're asking if I went up and introduced myself. Uh, no. What am I finna say at 1pm in a Duane Reade without looking crazy? And I'm not good at conversation anyway. Alas! But if anyone knows anyone like that woman, lemme know...

And that's the beep for today.

Ed Shepp

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