Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Let's see... I've been as busy as a whirlwinsd & stuff, so I haven't had time to blog, and every time I get like that, when I finallys do sit down to blog, I can't remember anything I wuz going to say. But here goes nuthin' anyway.

First of all, let me reiterate: Everyone listen to my radio show, The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment, debuting this Friday (th 17th) from 6-7pm on WFMU 91.1FM!! And if you can't listen there, there's always the online stream at The playlist/archives page will be here. Ok, now that's enough bold type for the day. I'm not yet nervous about the show, but surely I will be by Friday. I have a feeling it will be different from what most people expect, but we'll see. We'll see if I get any listener email or anything.

And now on to the ephemera. I do feel that I have to address this comment on a friend's blog:
If you are curious as to what the worst hold music in the world sounds like, call NAPA auto parts in Decatur on Memorial Drive at 404.288.1200. It's like one
of those electronic phaser guns kids bought in the '80's only it's supposed to be musical, and it's also off key, so its uniquely excruciating.

I called this place and asked to be put on hold, curious what the music would sound like. The 'phaser gun' description led me to think I'd be hearing some technogenerica, but no, not so! The music is actually very like cheap-sounding midi! Which means, of course, that it's fabulous. Which also means, of course, that if it's midi at least, the chances of it being "off-key" are perbably pretty low. Moreover, I really have to call the author on that off-key reference---I distinctly remember when I sent him my xmas songs in December that if he had a really good sense of pitch, then he would particularly enjoy my take on All I Want for Christmas Is You, as I went out of my way to make it uniquely dissonant, digitally pitching harmonies at just under major thirds and over perfect fifths, if I remember correctly. And I usually don't remember to tie my shoe or take the toilet paper out of my butt, so I'm perbably not. Antyganoo, his response was, "Oh, I don't have any sense of pitch at all." And here he is calling something off-key, when what he really should've said was 'unpleasant.' J'ACCUSE!!!!

Michael Jackson: I can't believe I didn't actually place that bet with the coworkers who thought he was going to be convicted. I could've won a free CD!!! Hmmph! I was 94.4% sure he would be acquitted, and he was! Such is the power of celebrity. And that's all I'm fin say bout dat.

Lastly, I was going to yak about the last episode of Intervention on A&E, but I know that if I did I'd get some dumbass linking to my blog talking smack about me for it, so I put it elsewhere.

And that's the beep for now.

Ed Shepp

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