Thursday, June 16, 2005

The P Is for Popcorn; the V is for Victorious

I forgot to mention my weekend blip from last weekend. I went to see East of Eden with VP at the Film Forum. It was a purty good film, more morally complex than I expected. And Jimmy Dean was phoygen, I have to say. And there were funny moments in it, too, like when this older guy is getting out of the shower and Jimmy Dean is there to talk to him, and the guy says, 'get over there, before I get all hot again.' And when his father is dying in one room, this nurse in another room practically interrupts the scene to ask if there's anything to eat in the house.

But the coolest performance of the day was Veep's at the concession stand before the movie. We're standing in line, and he notes the sign broadcasting the $20 minimum for credit card purchases. Then we get $10 worth of concessions and start eating them (I still can't believe they don't have butter for the popcorn. It was still good, but still--movie popcorn just isn't movie popcorn without tons of butter product on it. And that still goes for la-di-da places like Flim Florum.) , while Vp hands the girl behind the counter his Amex. She notes that you can't get less than $20 and pay with credit, so Vp goes into his spiel about how you're not allowed to have a minimum purchase requirement for a credit card--it's prohibited in the merchant agreement. (This is true.) But she won't budge, and when Vp asks for the manager, she calls some young flunkie out to splain the rule, like we don't ungastan it or something. He reiterates the sign and leaves. At this point I'm not sure what's going on, so I'm like, 'are we done here?' And Vp says yesh and we proceed to the theater. But the girl behind the counter is like, 'You still have to pay' and Vp is like, 'I tried to--I saw your sign that said credit cards were accepted, but you didn't accept mine.' Then she says something about having to return the items, and as we're walking away, Vp goes, 'Why? So you can resell them?' And we go into the theater unaccosted. It was pretty cool.

And that's that beep. And to reiterate the running theme of my posts from here til Otchtober: TUNE IN TO MY RADIO SHOW, THE ED SHEPP RADIO EXPERIMENT, DEBUTING FRIDAY AND RUNNING EVERY WEEK FROM 6-7pm!! You can listen on WFMU 91.1 or And that's alls I wanted to say.

So that's today's beep.

Ed Shepp

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