Monday, January 10, 2005

Weekend Bloops

Claudia Atkins, the secret love child of Jason Atkins and Claudia SchifferYou're wondering. So I'll tell you. The picture at the left is a picture of the secret LOVE CHILD of Jason Atkins and Claudia Schiffer! The picture was taken by a photographer vacationing in the French Riviera, finally proving the long-debated existence of Ms. Claudia Atkins. Wow, a shocker indeed.

As for the weekend: Friday I flat out don't remember what I did. Saturday I hung out with Jason and Melissa and Kris--the total of the peeps I hung out with. Here's what went down: Indian food for lunch, shopping later (Henri Bendel candles are 50% off at Bath & Body Works for a while--snap 'em up!!! I got a Tuberose one), then B&N, and later I saw Lemony Snicket. I couldn't make it to Kasheik's party, unfortunately. I wanted to go, but without my peeps going, I didn't know if I'd be able to find it. The movie was OK--I thought it would be more visual. But Jim Carrey is of course spectacular--not overbearing. Jennifer Coolidge is under-used, but then isn't she always? She should have her own movie. Her own SET of movies.

Sunday I went out to the Pier, it being a sunny day and that being one of the sunniest places in Manhattan. Imagine my surpreeze when I saw Mark Baratelli(!) walking there! I thought he was in California! ('Wish I was.) 'Turns out he was on a layover for the day in New York, so we hung out pretty much all day. I was actually a little sad about leaving when it came time to go, but then, whatteryagonnado, right?

And that brings us up to today. A typical winter day. Sigh. California dreaming indeed....

And that's all my beep for now, beeplets!

Ed Shepp

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