Monday, January 24, 2005

Computerized Ice Sheets on the Most Depressing Day of the Year

So we had the blizzard this weekend. It was harrowing! Well, Saturday at least. Very cold and windy and lots of snow everywhere. Sunday was much nicer: still cold but brilliantly sunny all day. I did what I always do--walk around and get some sun and have coffee and scribble. I saw lots of snowmen with cigarettes in their mouths. I saw those sheets of ice coming down the Hudson--that was cool; never seen anything like that before. It's still partially sunny today. I think the weather will be warming up next week, so we should see the last of this snow melting by about June.

According to the Guardian, today, January 24, is the most depressing day of the year. The finding is based on a correlation of factors: dreary weather, failed new years resolutions (does that really get anyone down?), xmas debt, etc... Well, I think it's great news! That means that it just gets better from here. And I'd have to agree that late January is certainly a depressing time, with the dark and cold weather and no real holidays to celebrate and all that time before Spring. Ugh. But at least it don't get no worse than today. The article in the Guardian also offers some glib reasons to be cheerful, including that there are "only" 334 days until Christmas (and that's good, how?) and that it's a public holiday in the United States (???!).

I saw an ad for hp computers in the circular the other day, and if they're really as cheap as in the ad, I think I may have to get one. Of course it would be pretty much only for sound, so I'd have to get one with a good sound card and lotsa memory. Anyone out there have any recommendations for a CHEAP computer that can do good sound? Leave comments, please.

Lastly, this is cute.

And that's the beep for today!

Ed Shepp


Jase said...

Sorry, couldn't give you any advice for the computer with a good sound card, but that link is SO cute!

I love morphing eggs.

Did you also know that there's a freeze warning down in Florida? :P

Catstercat said...

Well, I bought my laptop on Ebay for about $500. I'm sure you could find a good one there. Also, Dell and others offer refurbished PCs, which are much cheaper than brand new and just as good. They are basically just returns that they've fixed.

v.p. said...

Nice link. Of course the eggs are white. I should've known.