Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Immodest Mouse Eats Mars

The fog was so heavy today that I thought it would scoop me up, carry me across the country and shit me out in San Francisco. I've never seen the city so foggy, and you know what? Chickenbutt. The city wears it well. Maybe it's cux you see less of it or something. Kinda like a really ugly tall girl wearing a wedding cake's worth of makeup and 6700 veils. That's it for that.

The city is tense with supporters of Brad and supporters of Jen clashing. I've almost seen fights erupt on the subway because of it. And it's hard to stay out of the fray, with everyone commanding you to choose a side. There are a couple marches this weekend--one on the East side for Brad and the other on the West side for Jen. I'm being pressured to choose a side, and I think I'll choose Jen and change my I [heart] Brad hat to read Fuck Brad. Seriously, it's worse than the election--I'm pretty sure you're going to start hearing about Brad states and Jen states. It's like the Civil War---tearing friends, families and even beehives apart. I just hope our world can survive the death of Bradiffer.

Lastly, has everyone seen Project Runway? Heidi Klum has all the charisma of a block of runny, lukewarm tofu.

And that's the beep for now.

Ed Shepp


Jase said...

I'll be with Brad, not because I support him, but I'd like him to support me.

So true about Heidi, and so sad... I still like the show.

Jon said...

Heidi is such a boring bitch in that show, but isn't she in every day life?