Friday, January 07, 2005


Well, it's winter again. We're in full-on winter mode here, except that it isn't all that cold. But it's just as depressing--dark and rainy and (somewhat) cold, with the days ending at 4pm and blah blah blah blah blah.... So yeah, I'm a li'l down. I've come to appreciate the fact that winter does kind of suck, at least in the North. In Florida it was my favorite season, cux it was bearable, while the summer was always scorching. But I'm beginning to think that suffering through the horrid hot, sticky summers of the South might be a good trade-off for not having to endure the miserable, dreary winters of the North. And I keep fantasizing about places like Hawaii and Bermuda and Mesa; and also missing San Francisco, cux it was around this time last year that I was there, reading The Botany of Desire in that big park near Haight-Ashbury. Oh, to be back in that park....

And speaking of California, in that song California Dreaming, you know how they say 'I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.'... Never mind the fact that they want to say 'if I were in L.A.' What do they mean 'safe'? What, you're not safe in a dreary winter place? What's the danger--frostbite? It's not like people go around mugging and raping people when it's 20 degrees out--it's just too cold!! And frankly---safer in L.A.?? Safer than where, Newark? I would think that most Northern cities in the winter are much less dangerous than in L.A., where you're likely to be shot on the freeway, attacked by a gang, assaulted by an exploding fake boob or approached by a sleazy 'agent.' Not to mention the danger of having your sunblock run into your eyes. OUCH!

Personally, I always thought the line should go, 'I'll be dark and lovely if I were in L.A.'...

But anyway, back to my muttering. So I've got the winter blahs. I guess I should spend more time with my sunbox. I'll fit that in this weekend. I'm also going to fit in Notre Musique, since it's playing in Union Square. And that's the big plans, Miralda! Then I gotsta start working on the exciting new possibilities that 2004 has to offer, and all that baggledeewaggledee. So I guess that's my beep for now.

Ed Shepp


Jase said...

hehe.. you mean 2005, don't you?

Anon said...

"Safer than where, Newark"
I almost got mugged today in Newark. That’s a first for me so I googled -Mugging Newark- looking for somewhere to tell my story.
A little out of context, but I'll feel better once I post it here.
I was walking into branch brook park station (Newark subway) when this little black kid asks me for a cigarette. He's just a kid so I tell him not to smoke. Then he radios to someone on his walke talkie telling them "I got one, come quick, really quick".
I run like hell into the station, there are people everywhere but he still follows me close then asks me for 2 bucks; he looks like he's about to pull something out of his pants and then says "I'll stab you right here."
I manage to stall until the subway comes and I get on. The kid hesitates but then follows me in to kick me lightly on the but. He leaves, comes in another door after i'm sitting down and spits in my face. That’s right, that little kid gets his saliva all over me (notice the anonymity of this post)
Anyway, a local Newarker, moves to the row in front of me and while avoiding eye contact tells me I should have spoken up.
"You should have said something man, I would have taken care of him for you"
he asks how old I am, I’m 19.
"What disrespect" he says, but tells me that it happens all the time.