Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 in da Haus

Well it's 3 days into the new year, and its beginning has so far been almost equally auspicious and inauspicious. For example, just look at the (syndicated) Simpsons episodes tonight: one was really good, the other a clip show. Apart from that, on the auspicious side, I have a check from CDBaby coming, and something else that I won't mention (auspicious events have a way of pooping out enough on their own, so why tempt fate by publicizing them). On the inauspicious side: most of New Years Eve and today.

New Years Eve started out well enough--Jason & Kris and Jacob and I went to a party at my friend Christine's house, and then went to a restaurant with them. We left a little early because we had other places we had to be, but we really should've stayed. We made it into Chelsea at around 20 midnight, and went into one bar that wasn't very crowded. At around 10 til mid, Jacob suggested that we go to another bar, insisting that he read in the paper there was no charge. So we went, and there was a charge. Since it wasn't worth paying for a lame Chelsea bar that we would only stay at for 10 minutes, we rang in midnight on the sidewalk. Yay. Then we all went to a party in Williamsburg. By the time we got there, everything worth drinking (André champagne--Is André the new Pabst Blue Ribbon?) was gone, and when I get to a party and there's nothing to drink or nothing to mix a liquor with to make it palatable, my mood drops 70 degrees, which it predictably did. A shame too, cux it was in such a cool space. After we left the WB, we trekked back into Manhattan to the EV, where we ended up at Starlite, a bar I nearly never go to, and we had a decent time. Except for the person who stole my New Years hat. I guess that's why I never go there.

That brings us to today, where I was imprisoned in the apartment for most of the day because my roommate incorrectly installed the new lock on the door himself (instead of calling the super to do it, like I suggested). Thank dog for Christine's fiancé Adam, who came over and opened the door for me. Anyway, it was so frustrating being stuck in the apartment on the last day of my 3-day weekend that it completely ruined it. Even when I got outside, I couldn't enjoy myself; the only high point for today was buying songs from iTunes with the gift cert I was given. (iTunes has everything! I don't know what to choose!)

As for the unmentionable other auspicious event, methinks I'll know about it soonly enough, and if it comes through it will more than make up for all the other inauspicious omens. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed--keep your fingers crossed too, peeplets!

And that's the beep for now.

Ed Shepp

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