Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Against Hair: An Experiment with Excerpts

Me and Diane Kamikaze at the WFMU holiday partyWell, beeplets, it looks like The Ed Shepp Facial ExpHairiment has, regrettably, come to an end. A couple days ago I shaved off all that wonderful beard hair (which you see on the left) that it toook me all of 3 weeks to grow. Sigh. Why did I blitz it? There were a couple of reasons: 1) I thought that keeping a beard would be easier than shaving. Not so. It's harder, because once it's grown in (which takes only a few weeks, but it feels like longer), it grows zippity fast, and then you keep having to trim it. Every few days or so. If you don't, you look kinda ratty. More like Matisyahu than House. 2) A certain comment that I kept getting. Literally five different people told me, "You look like an ***** *****," or some variation thereof. These were not five people who all knew each other, who could have gotten together and agreed to tell me I looked like an ***** ***** with the beard. After a while, I couldn't look in the mirror without thinking "***** *****." That, combined with the usual January doldrums, was too much for the hair to bear. So I blitzed it. I might grow it again one of these days, but methinks I'll have to get one of those electric trimmers before doing that, sos I can keeps it manicureds.

In another blip, be sure to tune in to The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment Thursday, the 11th, because it's a goodun (6-7pm Eastern time, 91.1fm or You know how I do my xmas cards on CD now? Well, this show is gonna be my valentine CD. Because I take text extensively from my favorite book, Against ****: A Polemic, a work I want peops to read. The prose is [mostly] pretty breezy and casual, so it makes for good audio. And since I so want you to listen to this one, I've actually put up (for a limited time) teaser excerpts: Here's one segment from the show and Here is the theme mix for this particular show, which is actually more than a remix, because the lead vox are different. So tune in, beepsters! It'll be a blast!

And one last burplet of news that I should have posted before, but forgot: My platial map, Where I Was When 9/11 Happened, won a platial award in the Best News/World Events Map category. Yay! Everyone go to the map and leave your mark.

And that's the gzoooples for now, gbeepsters. Need more? You can go visit my facebook and pages, which I just recently put up. Go ahead and add me whilst you're there.

Ed Shepp

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