Monday, May 16, 2005


A quick post about a busy weekend. Friday Jason and I took pictures in Riverside park. Mostly of me, but some of him as well. The one to my left is (obviously) one of me. I think it's funny because it looks like my arms are a million miles long, like Plasticman or Freddy Krueger. Paulie thinks the expression on my face is funny. He says it looks in the picture like I'm blind and that I'm floating or something. Looking at the rest of the pictures, though, I'd have to say that I find myself unusual-looking.

Saturday I went from gwibble to gwabble and in between, starting off the morning in Jersey City, moving to Park Slope in the afternoon and then gwangling around SoHo later, before heading home. By the end of the day my CD was finished and another project nearly done. And Sunday I continued with that other project, and now it's done too. Add in the fact that my column was due over the weekend, and you have a lot that I accomplished. Yay!

And apart from that, I just don't have a lot to squawk about.


Ed Shepp


SavageATL said...

Hee hee, it looks rather as though the Rapture has happened and you are running towards it. Or you've been possessed by your shirt pattern.

Jase said...

omg, you're right! You do look like you have extendable arms! You can be the next Inspector Gadget! Even though Matthew Broderick is cute, he didn't really fit that part.

Catstercat said...

That's an amazing photo. The pattern on your shirt contrasting the mowing pattern on the lawn is interesting. You sort of look like Gumbi-Ed.