Monday, May 09, 2005

Five Beep

One of Mark Baratelli's designs for the cover of FiveIt's beautiful outside today. You know what? Spring is beautiful in New York, I gotsta say it! All the flowers and flowering trees everywhere, and the new green on the other trees--it rocks! Today is a good day.

And for some good news: I finished recording my 5th CD (entitled Five)! YAY! So now just a couple more steps to do and I can get it out there to the world. I uploaded a couple pieces from it to my soundclick: Pigfucker [lyrics] (they automatically censored the title), about renaming someone who's a bastard, and Le C Est Pour Chatte [lyrics], the "French radio mix" of The P Is for Pussy. Send it to all your French-speaking frienz. Go on, send it! So that's what I uploaded. Also on the CD is Swamp, Daria Cayne Modeling Academy and If U Wanna Party, Come on Out and Dance and If U Wanna Dance, Come on Out and Party, which I'll probably rename before printing the CD labels. So that's the 411 on that!! Beep! (Oh yeah, the image above is one of Mark Baratelli's prototype designs for the cover of Five--check out the rest of them here.)

Weekend recap: This weekend was horrible! Healthwise, that is. Friday night I went to Whole Foods in Time Warner Center late, right before they closed. I got some groceries, but I also got some of those shrimp they have under heat lamps near the aisles. I've eaten them before, and they're generally pretty dried out and unpalatable by the end of the night, so I only got a few, in case they were gross. But Friday they weren't dried out at all! They were moist and soft and delicious! I ate those and had this yogurt probiotic-type drink I love so well at the same time. Well, later that night I developed painful gas pressure in my entrails, which wouldn't go away and wouldn't escape. So what did I go? All the wrong things. Did I got to get Gas X? No--I thought it would go away, and I didn't want to get outta bed. Did I take a few caffeine pills in the morning, thinking that, because caffeine has a laxative effect it would move everything outta my stomach? Yes. Did I take a fiber pill, thinking that would further increase BM potential? Yes. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

OK, I dunno about the first one--the Gas X. I don't know if taking it would've helped. But the caffeine and fiber were no-nos. I should have realized that the caffeine would just irritate my stomach (it increases acid production) and the fiber would just produce further gas. So anyway, all day Saturday my belly swelled with gas (literally--it hurt to pull in my belt!) which progressively got more painful, in spite of the Gas X and charcoal that I took. By the end of the day it was burning, at which point I realized that caffeine + virtually no food all day long = a very acidic stomach, so I got some antacids and an acid reducer, and after I took those felt much better, but still rather like a stretched-out balloon from the gas. Sunday I was a li'l better but still sore. I may have been sore from some cramping, or it may have been the ileocecal bowel massage thing that someone showed me once and I tried to do (supposedly it's supposed to get gas out); I think I did it wrong. Anyway, now I'm much better (just in time for the work week, of course). So that was my food poisoning experience for the weekend.

Here's another experience I had over the weekend: I was at Strand on 12th street, and someone asked me 'Do you work here?' I'm taking that to mean that I look like a 22-year old hipster. Of course, someone also asked me that same question at some garden store on Sunday, and I know I don't look Mexican (like the workers there), so I'm not sure what to make of that. Maybe it just means that I look knowledgable and authoratative. Yeah, that's it.

And that's pretty much the beep for now.

Ed Shepp

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