Monday, August 22, 2005

The Great Ed Shepp Movie Weekend

Well my roommate is back from his European expedition, and guess what, gbeepners? Apparently Europe is all it's cracked up to be! So I have decided that I simply must see this amazing land. So aiight, who will put me up when I make the Great Ed Shepp European Vacation? I promise I'll make a CD or something out of it and immortalize you in that. Or something. So far I'm looking for places to stay in the following countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway (preferably Trondheim in June, cux I really want to see that midnight sun thing, and from what I can tell from, you have it there) and the UK. So basically I'm looking for places everywhere. When am I looking to go? I dunno, sometime in the future. Whenever I have the cash and the spots, I guess! Beep! So that's my call for European couches! Who will answer the call? Who will step up? (I'm so tempted to quote Peaches here, but I shall refrain.)

This weekend was the movie weekend. Friday after my show I went straightaway home and had a date with myself. Which basically meant that I just got some champagne, shrimp & strawberries and watched movies, laughing and laughing whenever the phone rang, because I knew I wasn't picking that up. (OK, the phone never rang.) Anyway, I watched Danger: Diabolik! Now, did I LERV this movie? Hellz yes, I lerved this movie! It was too awesome for words, or at least for English words, so here are some European words: Supermenagerie!!! Superturbooberaffengeil!!! Au dela de la riviere!! And those mean, respectively: "super-menagerie" [French], "super-turbo-exciting to monkeys" [German], and "just around the riverbend" [French], the lattermost coming from a French version of the Pocahontas soundtrack. The film was just amazing--campy, fashionable, etc. It evoked in my mind a little bit of Barbarella and a little Alphaville, but in English. I highly recommend it, and I've decided that I totally want to be Diabolik (pronounced die-uh-bol-ik, not dee-ah-boh-leek, like I originally though). I mean, just look at that cool mask he wears!

I also watched Polyester, which was a typical John Waters movie, except shorter than I expected. I even watched it with the Smell-O-Vision, which, I have to say, didn't add all that much to it. It was funny. I'd watch it again. I still prefer Desperate Living, though. Maybe Polyester just needed more Mink Stole. Hell, what movie couldn't benefit from more Mink Stole??!

Then I saw Pretty Persuasion with my friend Andy on Saturday. It wasn't bad. I guess I would put it in the same league as Heathers, Jawbreaker and Mean Girls (of course, Heathers being head-and-shoulders above all those). Interestingly, the story started out very funny but toward the end took a turn for the melodrazmatical. I would've preferred that it stayed on the black comedy tip throughout. There are some really good lines, though, all of which escape me at the moment. But most are too un-PC to mention anyway (probably why they were so good). In the end I thought the movie was OK, but not the best I've seen in the genre. I found it too hard to believe that the lead girl would be able to concoct the scheme she did and have everything fall into place like that; I also found it hard to believe that someone who could pull that off would ever feel bad about it. Clearly someone so cold-hearted would be a sociopath and wouldn't exhibit the feelings (without anyone watching) that she did at the end. I don't think I gave anything away there.

Then I watched Barcelona on DVD afterward. I have to say it was really, really funny. And not dumb funny either. And you wouldn't believe Mira Sorvino's performance in it either--you completely forget who she is, she blends into her character so well. I highly recommend this film. After that movie ended, I watched a bit of Dune on TV. You have to admit that Kyle Maclachlan was really a looker back in the day. But never more beautiful than when he played opposite Nomi Malone in the modern classic Showgirls.

And that's the beep for now, gneppleroos!

Ed Shepp


v.p. said...

As I read this post, I was all, "Is he finna do a whole post on all the moobies he watched this weekend and not have watched ANY of the ones I RECOMMENDED?!" Then you gave props to Whit Stillman's finest, Barcelona, and I was happy with Ed again. And how could I not be, when I picked up my own copy of the Vice magazine at the store this weekend? When I showed the review to the clerk and asked why a CD that gets a 10 out of 10 is not available for purchase at the very store that gave it said stellar review, he shrugged and shot up some heroin into his eyelid vein.

The left one.

No, HIS left.

displaynamesarestupid said...

When my friend went on an extreme European adventure last year, he used the website to find couch accomodations all across the continent. Supposively the creep factor on the site is very low, though I'm not sure how one can guarantee such a thing.

v.p. said...

that reminds me: check out