Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Names Nuggets Day!

Kiki or Lilian???Lilian or Kiki?????It's Names Nuggets Day at The Ed Shepp Bl0g Experience! That means that I have two audio nuggets for you, each 1-minute tributes to a particular superubermegahyperultrasuperduperstar. Click on the pics to the left to hear them. One tributes Kiki Kannibal, the inimitable, constantly imitated scenestère who brought back stripes*--the guest vocal blorgp is from Angelifornia, and it's sampled from the upcoming episode of The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment where we meet for the first time beyond the myspace. The other is my tribute to Lilian Gish, inventor of the plasmibionic butter churn. Because I've always loved the word gish. Gish! Go on, click on the corresponding pic to hear them. What, you don't know who is who??? Is you retardeb? Click before you embarrass youself furver.

Ed Shepp

Note: This is widely disputed. Some say that she copied Audrey Kitchin. It's also disputed whether she's 14, 19 or 28 years old and whether she's from Florida or Flevoland. One thing, however, is widely agreed on: Hatrs only make her more famous.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Treasure These Commemoratives Today

Ladies and gentlemen, a great woman has left us. Today Anna Nicole Smith left her earthly vessel and ascended to the great Pharmacy in the Sky. Anna Nicole taught us that no matter where you come from, no matter what your name is, you can do anything you set your mind to, whether that's being a topless dancer, posing for Playboy, marrying an ancient bagillionaire, being a mess on basic cable or being the face of a brand of iffy weight loss pills. Anna Nicole Smith was truly an inspiration.

Now you can remember Anna Nicole's inspiring example with my special Anna Nicole Smith commemorative plates (artist's rendering upper left). These plates reflect the spirit of Anna Nicole herself--classy, timeless and always appropriate. Handcrafted from the finest store-brand paper plates, these commemorative treasures are each individually painted one-by-one by hand with premium Crayola markers and can be personalized with your message. On the bottom of the plates, you'll find the Ed Shepp Originle label, your seal of Quality. These plates will last for weeks-to-years, and add some needed ritz to your crappo china collection. Order a set today, for the low low price of $599.95. You'll receive a set of 4 premium Anna Nicole Smith Commemorative plates and 2 cups, made from only the highest quality Bengalese styrofoam. You and your family will cherish them for years to come. Order now! Order now! Order now!

Order now!

Ed Shepp

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ed Shepp Thanks the Beepters

This is just a quick beep to all the loverly EdSheppsters out there who took the time to wish me a happy Celeditude. Thanks, beeplers! You did your part to make this year's Celeditude the best of the nascent millennium. I'm sending fragrant blessings from my cinnamonscope out to all y'allz as I type. I wish I had time to thank all of you with a traditional 10th street salute, but since I dothen't, I'll leave you with a li'l audio blip (click on the blip below to get to it!). This blips comes from the original, uncut ecordation for last week's episode of The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment, entitled In Which Ed Shepp Responds to a myspace Blog Comment. (Yep, I really was responding to a comment.) Being, obviously, too blue to air, this was excised from the final cut of the show. In it, I discuss a berquance from the film Dangerous Liaisons (the one with Glenn Close).

And here's the blip:


Ed Shepp