Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Names Nuggets Day!

Kiki or Lilian???Lilian or Kiki?????It's Names Nuggets Day at The Ed Shepp Bl0g Experience! That means that I have two audio nuggets for you, each 1-minute tributes to a particular superubermegahyperultrasuperduperstar. Click on the pics to the left to hear them. One tributes Kiki Kannibal, the inimitable, constantly imitated scenestère who brought back stripes*--the guest vocal blorgp is from Angelifornia, and it's sampled from the upcoming episode of The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment where we meet for the first time beyond the myspace. The other is my tribute to Lilian Gish, inventor of the plasmibionic butter churn. Because I've always loved the word gish. Gish! Go on, click on the corresponding pic to hear them. What, you don't know who is who??? Is you retardeb? Click before you embarrass youself furver.

Ed Shepp

Note: This is widely disputed. Some say that she copied Audrey Kitchin. It's also disputed whether she's 14, 19 or 28 years old and whether she's from Florida or Flevoland. One thing, however, is widely agreed on: Hatrs only make her more famous.

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Veronica said...

I miss The Ed Shepp Scent Spectacular.