Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Urbles Day

Today is Urbles Day. Because there's nothing really going on, and when there's nothing going on, you just kinda say "urbles." What's up? Urbles. See?

So since there's nothing going on, I'm providing all yallz with an audio nugget. Today's audio nugget is from a friend's blog. I abridged the text a bit, excising the extraneous and political stuff, so the world could have the distilled audiessence. Download it, play it to your friend and comment til dawn. Click the audio nugget icon below for the mp3.

In random news, I'm looking for a room to rent, to move in either late July or early August. Target location: somewhere in NYC, preferably Manhattan; roundabout Astoria, Queens; not-too-far-out in Brooklyn or Jersey City/Hoboken. So if you can find me a cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap room with sane and cool people, I'll make a whole show about you on The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment. Facebook or Myspace me if you know of something.

And speeching of ESRX, this week my special guest is podcast phenom Lady Raptastic. She's always entertaining and occasionally offensive, so tune in. You know the times. Don't you? (Thursday, 6-7pm Eastern time, WFMU91.1FM or

That's all I got for you now, geeplers. Here's the nugget and peace out!

Ed Shepp

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