Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Won't Play Leapfrog wiTh You Because You're tOo Unstable

One supposes this post should be a more in-depth examination of the trip to Europe, and that I should post the pix that I took from my disposable camerae. But it's not. Because I haven't scanned in the photos yet, and I want to do the in-depth recountation audiologically. But since I mentioned the photos, I have to say: DAMNZ, they look blurry compared to my roommate's digital!! From now on, I guess it's finna have to be digital.

So what's up, then? Well, Spring is finally inching its way through the door and shooing away Winter with its pollenny goodness. And that means that my winter doldrums are at last lifting. One result of that is that I've begun partly filling in my playlists again. Another is that I've decided to get all back up in neurogenesis's grille; I'm re-reading the Seed article that sparked the Seedling Project, and I'm bringing neurogenesis back. Someday people will look back at this year on wonder: "Ed Shepp made atheism cool AND brought neurogenesis back in the same year!" My next show will be on that article too, because I think it should be required reading and common knowledge.

But THIS week's show is all about the book A Perfect Mess, which is kind of a pro-mess polemic. And that's one of my pet causes, so I'm very into this show. In fact, there was too much material for it, so I had to cut some and not include others. And that brings us to your audio nuggets for today, which are two li'l bits from the show that I had to cut because of time. One is part of "the history of mess" and the other deals with stochastic resonance and manufacturing shoes. Click on a nugget to listen:

And those are the nuggets. There's actually a whole other segment that I couldn't put in the show, but I'm not uploading it because it's not yet cut. For the rest of the mess, tune in to the show tonight at 91.1FM or 6-7 Thursdays. The show tonight also features a listener-remixed theme courtesy of Kevin Burrows. It's actually one of two he sent in. Tonight's is the Isle of Sheppy remix, as opposed to the Bog of Shepp remix, which I aired last week. Tune it, bgootches!!!!

And that's the beep for now. Stay tuned to your Ed Shepp provider for more beeps as they arrive.

Ed Shepp

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