Friday, July 08, 2005


Sigh, what a Brit-pop day here in NYC. It's all raining and dreary... BUT the temperature is cool (high=68). Yes, cool. In July. In New York. And it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow, but then blistering again on Sunday. I'm a twankle blue, because I realized that right about not I should be stepping out of my flat in Itlay and riding my Vespa up the street to fetch a lemon from Clarizzia's lemon tree (that's right, I said both 'fetch' and 'clarizzia') and then returning to spend 4 hours stirring a pot of marinara and daydreaming about owning a giant oregano farm. But I'm just here at work. How depressing.

So if you're blue like me, tune in to tonight's Ed Shepp Radio Experiment, where I'm talking about Food with Tonya Townes.

And that's it.

Ed Shepp

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