Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Who let the Beep out?

I have a horrible confession to make. I've been listening to T.A.T.U. lately. Well, only 2 songs: All the Things You Said and Malchik Gay. I'm not proud of it, but you have to admit--their chord progressions are evocative, especially when the acoustic guitar comes in. The songs might would even be moving if they didn't have the abysmal transitions that are in some of them. Their voices get annoying, though. I'm not a big fan of that soprano head voice thing in pop music. I think they would sound better if they stayed in their lower registers. They would prolly sound better if they were, like, 10 years older too. Malchik Gay is a cool song--I first heard about it from someone who thought the title was Malchiki, meaning 'boys.' When he realized it was Malchik Gay, meaning 'gay boy,' he was immediately insulted and declared it homophobic. I don't think he actually listened to the song, though--it's basically about a girl who is infatuated with a gay guy. It's completely innocuous, and I wonder why no American artist has done a comparable song, considering how many adolescent girls here fall in love repeatedly with gay guys. I think the song would be cool if an older man did it, though. It would be unexpected.

And now a weekend update, several days late because I've been glum and stats have been low:

I saw The Gates on Saturday. It's really cool. I think a lot of people are glad it came to New York (unlike the Olympics, where people will be glad if they DON'T come). I'd post pictures, but everyone and their brother already has. And I didn't take any either. Saturday night I had my and my roommate's birthday dinner in the W. Village at an Italian place. Jason gave me TWO(!!) Henri Bendel candles for a birthday gift--Tuberose and White Lily. Those candles are so great, and those are the exact fragrances I wanted. Yay! Predictably I got tipsy from Pinot at the dinner and got all loud, even louder than usual, ending up caterwauling My Funny Valentine on the 9 train. On Sunday I did something or other. On Monday I saw a really pretty girl in Starbucks who I think might be famous, but I couldn't place her. Then I did some volunteering at WFMU and signed up for some time during the marathon. I'll be answering phones on Tuesday, March 8 from 6-8pm and Friday, March 11 from 8-11pm; and more dates that I haven't yet determined. So call in a pledge and you might get to talk to me! Woohoo!

And that's all the beep I can recall for the moment! More news later this week.

Ed Shepp

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