Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beautiful Wikipedia

It's just too wonderful not to mention: I've made it. Almost. Sorta. Not really. But kinda. In my own li'l igloo way. I'm on wikipedia.

No, blossoms, not in myne own entry, but as part of an entry on the song Beautiful Stranger. Yeah, it's small, but it's something. Scroll down to the Cover versions section and you'll see the last li'l blurp about me:

"Indie artist Ed Shepp recorded a cover of the song for his EP The Madonna Within."

And no, I did not do that myself nor did I put anyone up to it. If I did, I would have had them write "The Madonna Within EP." But it's all good. :)

And since the song is on my terapad, which keeps overloading its bandwidth (hmmph. or so it says! Gud på ett hjul!!), here's a link to the song if you wants to downlerd it.

Or you can just hear it here:

Of course, you can also hear it, in remixified formulax, in any of the Blips I've done for Billy Jam, since I'm sorta using it as my theme song with those.

Oh, and one more thing, which is overdue: Click over to Dope Astrology, (for Feb 17) and who's that sexy beast in the Scorpio box???? Yup! ME!!!

And det var allt for now.

Prince E. Quistvalden av Norwegenmark Trailer Park

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