Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pledge, Beepners!

Do you know what time of year it is, bgoopners? It's the WFMU fundraising marathon, and we're almost to the end of it, so this is my entry calling out for pledges. So if you haven't called (1-800-989-9368) yet, or pledged online, now is the time to do so. Or you could wait until Friday and pledge during my show, The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment, from 6-7pm. But if you're like me, you'll prolly forget, so you might as well go pledge now.

Why should I pledge? you say.

A gwillion people can prolly tell you why better than I can (look here, for example), but here's my li'l gwazzle: WFMU is totally listener-supported; no commercials, no corporate underwriting, nothin. So the station is one of the few organizations left in the world not sucking at the coporate teat and regurgitating the party line--keeping that alive should be reason enough to give. Not only does that mean that we're not going to bombard you with a zillion commercials every day (or 'announcements,' which is I guess what NPR is calling them these days), but also it means that you'll get to hear stuff that you probably won't hear anywhere else (like Ed Shepp, bgeepners). But if you need a reason to give, prolly the best thing to do is just to go look at the site: listen to what's airing now, listen to the archives, read the blog (seriously, go read it--where else would you find out that it's National Mental Retardation Awareness Month? Are you going to get rare, bizarre mp3s from gawker and digg? I don't think so!), etc. Keeping up the site and the archives, not to mention running the station on a daily basis, all takes cash, and it's cash that comes from listeners and supporters. And if you still need a reason to give: Hello!!!! Ed Shepp!!! Support my show, ganoozbles!!! Beep!

OK, so there's my plea for pledges. Now I'll recap the marathon in Ed Shepp history so far:

Last week was my first marathon show. Yowz. It was crazdy. I was so nervous before I went on (no doubt in part because I'd taken too much SAMe that morning--it really does work, goopners, but if you take too much you'll get irritable and anxious), but it was a blast. Did it go off without a hitch, with all the CDs cueing up perfectly? Hell-to-the-nawh! But that was cool nonetheless. Some blips:
  • Ed Word brought me some Nutella-flavored gelato. It was the bizzomb.
  • I sang Beautiful Sctranger, then sang I Don't Know How to Love Him, with some words replaced, for some high pledgers.
  • I got some high pledges, which was great. I feared that I wouldn't get any at all. Yay for people showing the love!
  • I showed my retardation when I didn't recognize the name of a music festival and a record label
  • I didn't have time to play everything I wanted--the hour went by so quickly!
  • I totally didn't think to look at my pledge cards after the show. I totally should have, since I thought a few might be from people I know, but I wasn't sure.
  • I brought in a cake, and even though it was store-bought, it still went fast. Yay for cake!
  • POSTSCRIPT: I forgot to mention Mark Allen, who was my co-host and kept me on point. I couldn't have done it without him. I kept forgetting to give out the number and all.

And that's my short recap, in which I prolly missed a whole bunch of stuff. Actually, the show is a bit of a blur--it went by so fast and it was harder to coordinate than other live shows I've done, so I don't actually recall a lot of it. But it was cool.

So that's the beep for now. Be sure to call in and pledge Friday!

Ed Shepp

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Joel said...

And thank you also to co-host Mark Allen... You do not mention him but he did a fantasttic job.... :)