Thursday, January 12, 2006

Air Power

Happy new year, gazoozgbles!

Just popping in with a piece of news: If you're near a seller of periodicals in the next week, pick up an issue of Time Out NY, and flip to page 17, where you'll see a blurb about me! It's in a story about New York radio personalities, and I'm the last one mentioned (among such others as Wendy Williams! Gak!). It's purty cool--that's the scan of it on the left. Repeat after me: Yay!

And that's really alls I got right now. Been busy with the usuals--making shows, um, stuff related to making shows, working... That's about it. I have my Fat show coming up this week, and then over the next few weeks my Smell show, my Happy Birthday show and, of course, my Celeditude show.

And, well, that's the news for now, gnooplets!

Ed Shepp

1 comment:

Preston said...

Beautiful story. Fanciful confection of words and images, why Ed, you are certainly an orange blossom special!!!! and there are two of you!!!!

I love to read, look and listen to your talent. Thanks for sharing!!!!