Thursday, October 06, 2005

Baking A Nuffin Muffin

My computer wallpaperWell, I'm sure everyone without exception has been wondering incessantly why I haven't been posting. Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting with baited breath for the reason? OK, here it is. Wait! Are you ready? You ready? OK, here it is:

I got nuthin.

And that's the reason, full on undiluted like whale fat, baby.

So since I got nuthin, I'll refer to Mark Baratelli's recent posts. In a recent one, he begins: So two sources told me the quickest way to kill a blog, and the interest of blog readers, is to not post regularly. Yep, that sounds about right. True. If I indeed have a 'readership,' then it must have gone off and committed Hairy Carrie by now. Alas! But he's right--if you want to kill your readership, just don't post for a while. If you don't believe it, check. Don't post. As Madonna said, "I have truth on my side; you have cellulite. You'll see." In his newest post, Baratelli delivers more sage wisdom: Shu[t] your f**** mouths! Stop sharing s*** that might embarrass you in the future..or in the f**** now for that matter! God people. Even I, the king of Courtney Love self-revelation will say "Email me if you want to know the embarassing story of the day"! He's making a good point that you should'nt post really personal, intimate things on your blog that you wouldn't want to come back and bite you next year or next week. It's true. However, I would argue that I, in fact, am the reigning king of Courtney Lovian cathartirrhea, but that's just a li'l point.

Well that's that, then. Otherwise I pretty much got nuthin. So I'll tell ya what's up and down this week: I'm lovin: friendster's Your Profile Has Been Viewed By thing (add me, biotches!); Lindsay Lohan and her car crashin ways; the arrival of autumn and the pumpkin ubiquity it brings (the picture opening this entry is my computer wallpaper); and low-carb ice cream bars (they taste as close to regular as you're gonna get). I'm NOT lovin: that terabyte email thing, which I think is a hoax; humidity; blogger/friendster spam; and, which I thought was going to be a good resource until I read the orgy of idiocy they call the 'comments' section.

And that's all I got for ya, beepners! Any suggestions on a Halloween costume for me this year? I was gonna be John Smith (as in Pocahontas), but I dunno if I can find a suitable costume. Whatevah!

Ed Shepp

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