Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Swiss News

The newspaper I have a column inIt's a hectic week with tons to do, so I've had no time to post, but I thought I'd put up this li'l bit. I've been waiting til I had some kind of image to scan in to accompany the entry, and since I received some long awaited mail a couple of days ago, now I do. So here's this week's beep:

If you're passing through Zurich, Switzerland sometime this year, keep an eye out for the Rote Fabrik Zeitung, the newspaper put out by Rote Fabrik. I have a column in it called American Life. Yes, partly a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Madonna song/album. Basically it's about American politix & Bush and all that gawazzle; it's in my regular easy breezy style. Well, except that it's in German--it's translated. Here's an image of the first column I wrote, which came out at the end of February this year:

Here's the short version of how the column came about: Someone from the group that publishes the magazine picked up a zine that I made (Another Ed Shepp Magaxine-Type Thinglet) (the first issue, no less!) last summer, and liked it enough that she offered me a column in their monthly newspaper in Zurich. And my first deadline was in February, and I'm about to send in the third column tomorrow. And that's basically the story, or as much of it as I can recall among all the distractions around me as I type.

So anyway, I got the first coupla issues in the mail a couple days ago and scanned some stuff in today. And that catches everyone up. I also scanned in a coupla other things and plopped them on flickr (the drawing a presumably schizophrenic artist made of me and an old pic of Stephen Guarino) .

And now, gotta get to bed soon and then get to the rest of the week's bidneff. So that's the beep for now!

Ed Shepp

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