Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Week in Ed Shepp on the Web

This post should be entitlized "Last Week in Ed Shepp on the Web," but my time machine ain't ready, so i can't go back to 7 bags o' Cheetos ago when I shouldzda wrote it. So anyway.....

Everyone go here ( and listen to me on the Lady Raptastic podcast! w00t6!!!! (If you recall, I had Lady Raptastic herself on The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment some time ago.) It's #85, "Selling Bananas." It's a really well put-together podcast, so y'allz should listen 'n stuff. Go there now!

And the other li'l Ed Shepp bloogp on the Web this week, which I discovered serendipitously. It's called Een schizofreen is wel alleen (click here), or something or other. It's this Dutch (?) page that I came across while image-googling myself one day, and it features as its main picture the negative of something that I posted on flickr a while ago. It's basically an illustration someone drew of me in a Starbucks. The artist was presumably a homeless person, and after drawing it and asking for my donation, he said something about Thorazine being worse than crack. I used to have an entry about it up on this blog until I cleared out some of the old entries. (And, of course, someone elsewhere on the Web mentioned it pejoratively on a blog, seemingly implying that the fact that I actually set foot in a Starbucks discredited everything I said and made me a horrible person. Which just goes to show that there's always someone out there to twist your most innocuous words to fit some agenda...) Anyway, that's where the image came from, but from looking at the site (and I speak no Dutch), I don't think that's actually explained there. So what we have here is a Dutch site about schizophrenia and other disorders, with a picture that says "Ed Shepp" beside it. Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about being a paragon of schizophrenia in the Netherlands. It's almost as bad as when the person who recently cut my hair told me that I looked as if I "knew a lot about computers." What could it all mean....

And that's This Week in Ed Shepp on the Web.

Ed Shepp

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SavageATL said...

I listened to this, part way, and then I went back to my homework.

I'd rather listen to her than write an appellate brief.