Monday, November 05, 2007

Ween 2007

So these are the pix of me en de l'costueme from Halloween 2007. Unfortunately there are only two, the rest of the shots marred by a virulent strain of MRSA, manipulation-resistant shitty angles, which left me looking like Perez Hilton after a Big Mac bender. So what was I? I was Prince Quistvalden of Norwedenmark, patron saint of the decadent overprivileged. There's not much to the costume, and--you probably won't believe this--I actually threw it together at the last minute, when suddenly the Spirit of Halloween washed over me like gingery-vanillic spooge. Or a teensy seizure-stroke in my pumpkin lobe. Sexylike. Basically I wore my I-feel-spunky shirt with a tie and blazer (some of which was bedazzled with rhinestone earrings from Tiffany's. And yeah, by Tiffany's I mean Claire's), my de-riguer crown, lots of smoky guyliner and a bunch of silver glitter under my nose, which you can't really see but was meant to suggest that I had been snorting diamonds. I have to say, it was the best I've ever felt in a Halloween costume wearing so many clothes. I may have to dress like that all the time.

So was it a successful Halloween? Well, no one approached me with any reality show, VH1 commentator, Nigerian bank account transfer or pumpkin frappuccino offers, and I awoke the next day fully rested with only one faintly salacious incident, so you be the judge. I am, however, open to do-overs, so if any of you sexy people out there wanna hang out with Prince Quistvalden for a night and make a young royal's Halloween dreams come true, drop me a line.

And that's the Halloween beep for 2007.

Ed Shepp

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SavageATL said...

Psst- apparently Ed needs a Halloween Intervention.
Because we all know. We're supposed to see a skimpy, magically creative outfit that brings to mind all the wonder, joy, and magic that is the trademark of an EdShepp Halloween.

I think he's been possessed by a pod or something! This is not it, this is barely more imaginative and magical than what my BROTHER came up with, (and he's an accountant). Threw it together at the last minute? Not the Ed Shepp I know and love (at least from a distance)

so I am taking charge of the EdShepp Halloween Intervention. Write me for details, and plan on bringing a pumpkin.

We're going to need a LOT of pumpkins.